How to Write a Column for a Newspaper

How to write a column for a newspaper? Let us say you are still beginning to write a column but you have no idea on what you have to do. A column is an article written by a columnist. It is called column because these are written in column. Actually, a newspaper is a column. They are just classified in many parts. If you are asked to write a  column about a certain event, you should know which category it falls under.

First, your topic should be entertaining. People read because they want to be entertained or they want to find something from your thought. Therefore, do not be afraid to put some humor in your article.

Your column should contain your name as the author. This is a very important matter. Because you are liable of any word you wrote in your article. Lots of people think that there is a difference between formality and informality. Yes it is  true in column writing. And this travel agency helps us so much to conduct application for visa and passport, see post from here This depends if you are writhing a serious topic.

Your content should be clear and concise. Readers should not be confused with your story. Your content is based on your opinion with supporting details on your judgments. A lot of people will know your experience if you have written there so you have to be careful.

In using characters, you should note that it is a rule for columnist not to use real names for a story made by your imaginations. Real names can only be used in factual articles like in applying for your passport 台胞證申請 費用. Otherwise, you can be sued.