Introducing the city of Denver in Colorado

If you will go to Colorado then you can find out the largest city which is Denver. this city is also the capital of the state. It has another characteristic and that is it is the second in rank according to the number of population. The number one is El Paso County. This city is very nice because you can see the wonder that nature could bring so it is no wonder why many people like to live in here. the number of population is proof of it.

One of the places that are most visited is the Rocky Mountains. This place is well-known as it is one that could let you see what is the great mountain. You will feel the beauty of nature while exploring this site. You can see the images included in the video above so you will have an idea of how it looks like if you had not seen them yet.

You could also visit the Denver City Hall which was built back in 1932 that still stands today.

Garden of the Gods is another place that you should not miss to visit. The not common formations and also the massive rocks that form this place is magnificent.

Another place to visit is the Capitol Building of the city because it is similar in appearance to the US Capitol Building. It has a dome that is gold and so it shines perfectly and it is a good part of the skyline. It is one that will commemorate the gold rush that happens.


The downtown area is one that you can also visit to see the busy city.