The Newspaper

The newspaper has been in existence since it was established in the year of 2000. It was the partnership of two people that made it possible. The two of them just graduated from college and they have the passion to establish their own newspaper publication that first was published once a month. The circulation gained its own readers and so it went on until they make the publication every week already and not once a month. That is after three years. It has its own competitors.

But it has survived so far and had made its series of newspaper released. In this part of the state is a place where they appreciate receiving knowledge and editorials that even if there is the rise of the internet, still there are the readers who had already have their eyes and interest on the newspaper. They aim for excellence in providing or producing each content of the newspaper. They also have the aim to gain the independence on editorial and put emphasis and importance on integrity.

But it is not a long journey for the newspaper as it had met the time that it has to say goodbye to being published. Because of reasons that it has to stop its publication. It has an offer of a merger and it was seen as a good hope but it did not materialize as suddenly the one negotiating did not have the conclusion of giving the positive news. That is why they had to accept make the decision to stop its operation.